*work done while at Jose Carlos Joglar, Arquitecto PSC

Teatro Roosevelt

2000 / Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

Tucked in the centre of a 1950’s-era subdivision of the San Juan metro area, the Teatro Roosevelt had for many years been a neighborhood cinema and local hangout.  Its owners wished to upgrade the facility and increase its visibility. In transforming the theatre, the goal was to play off of its location at the intersection of two axial streets, while being respectful of its low-scaled modern residential surroundings.  The minimum means were employed to wrap its utilitarian structure – white painted plaster, new glass storefront, new concrete pavers and bollards to form a plazoleta, and a green planter. A famous mural on its exterior, which could not be saved in the remodeling, inspired the insertion of a  taller and wider blank wall in its approximate former location, in homage to the films projected inside as well as to encourage that a  new work of art be commissioned to celebrate this prominent corner.

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