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Lands Creek Townhouses | Young Architecture + Design | Modern Homes | Modern Home Architect Atlanta

* work done while at Alberga-Graham Ja.

Lands Creek Townhouses

1995 / Waterworks, St.Andrew, Jamaica

Situated in an exclusive suburb of Kingston where the land falls to a gully, the project had to comply with strict environmental codes while maximizing the buildable area for the client. In response, two rows of sixteen-foot-wide residential modules were stacked along the slope, opening to a common street running down the middle in the tradition of an English mews.  The dense arrangement  yielded a series of serendipitous architectural solutions: First, higher than normal garden walls were placed on the street side to create privacy for the individual residents; then, to soften their starkness, they were equipped with vertical trellises; Finally, shared green spaces were inserted at intervals between building runs to break down the massing.

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