About This Project


Beach Bay, Cayman Islands

Located on an ironshore bluff typical of the Caymanian coast, this modern architecture home responds to the hyper-exposed nature of the site. To its front and rear, large apertures afford phenomenal views of the landscape and Caribbean Sea.

Built with sustanablity in mind, the house, set on the highest contour of the bluff, is oriented such that it receives much of the cooling Southeast breeze via a clerestory of fixed louvres. An inverted roof and curving skin serve to modulate the destructive force of potential hurricane winds that have been known to strike the area.

With a material palette of white paint, glistening dark plasterРlike that of a think of a stingray’s back, cedar soffits, aluminum screens and the intentionally exposed rock itself, this residential design is grounded in its natural environment and within the evolving idiom of Caribbean modernism.

*photos-Robert Leslie

Grand Cayman Villa