About This Project


Madison, Georgia

Three principal requests from the clients, proprietors of the nearby farm and bed-and-breakfast, resulted in the modern architecture of the 100-acre House. The first was to provide a modern design refuge which would be respectful of the home’s pristine woodland and lake setting. The second was to include a greenhouse for cultivating tropical plants. And the third design request for this residential design was the inclusion of a lap pool for frequent exercise by the couple, one of which has limited mobility.

Functioning as a kind of verandah- this modern architecture home features a linear series of connected internal and external spaces which contemplate views of the extensive property in three cardinal directions. The long, narrow east-to-west configuration of the design maximizes solar exposure while keeping the disturbance of mature trees to a minimum. While the form’s eastward projection lightly perches over a ravine, letting the owners enjoy the teeming forest activity and sounds. A low overhanging roof unifies the residential design and supports a solar panel array which provides 100% of this built green home’s energy needs.

*photos-Peter Hendricks

100 Acre House